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T & T Environmental Solutions LLC is a company stablish in Puerto Rico. We offer environmental services, in and outside Puerto Rico, that address compliance with the Environmental Quality Board and EPA. With vast experience in the following states: MD, NC PA, NJ, VI,OH PR USVI Central and South America.

Our Mission

Offer our customers the best service for compliance with the Environmental Quality Board and EPA with an excellent low cost-benefit and a service geared to meet and exceed their expectations. Guarantee our customers the best service in the market and an adequate margin of profit, through the achievement of their economic needs. Establish ourselves as a company committed to our customers and the environment.


Being an environmental company to develop a reliable, secure, robust and flexible. Building the change in the environmental area, with the boldness and human quality of our people, with management to anticipate and adapt to change, learn from experience and innovate constantly. Develop and integrate new technologies to satisfy our customers. Construinos future, providing our customers with the tools to compete in the new era.