Our Services

Integrity Underground and Above Ground Tank Test

The tests are a means for determining whether an underground or above ground storage tank and its piping system leaks. Our test system detects leaks of products in the whole tank and all underground or lines.

Integrity test for Lines and Leak detectors

Periodic testing ensures regulatory compliance, making the underground storage pipe secure and with out leaking petroleum products into the soil.

Cathodic Protection Testing

Comprehensive services of cathodic protection testing for corrosion control of metal structures submerged as pipelines and storage tanks.

Test Tanks

Is requeried when there is a suspected leak. This test is performed every 5 years and is required for the Junta de Calidad Ambiental and EPA before the instalation of tank system protection of corrosion and new tanks

Pressurized Piping

Is required to have an annual line test and leak detector testing. Suction systems must be tested every three years.

Corrosion Protection

Requires a test to be performed within six months of installation and every three years to verify the system is working properly. A rectifier log must be maintained and available on site with readings taken every 60 days.

Other Services

Other services we are offer are:

  • Impact/Shearvalve testing
  • Secondary testing of tanks and double wall piping
  • Sump testing
  • Fuel system inspections
  • Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)
  • Permitting
  • Tank Cleaning and fuel restoration of Gasoline and Diesel Tanks
  • Installation and Test of System of Vapor Recovery Phase I & II
  • Tanks calibration ( Tables preparations )
  • well monitoring